Is Dembélé for FC Barcelona what Vinicius for Real Madrid?

Despite of his recent injury, statistics show that without Dembélé participation, FC Barcelona wouldn’t be leading the stanings of Liga Santander 2018-19.



His first goal gave 2018 Spanish Supercopa Title to FC Barcelona. Then 4 goals in La Liga gave the team 6 points. However, Ousmane Dembélé has recieved many critics about his play and his life outside of the pitch. From waht? As usual from press and rivals Real Madrid mass media which have been trying to destabilize the young French talent

Four goals which gave 6 points to FC Barcelona, half of the lead that they have from Real Madrid in La Liga Santander 2018-19 and what made Lopetegui’s dismissal and the new arrival of Solari, who has been able to recognize Vinicius’s talent since his performances are getting better and better as well as his impact on the games


Vinicius vs Atletico de Madrid/

So far, with 1 goal in La Liga and 2 goals in Copa del Rey, he got Real Madrid fans and media respect and it is a good start knowing how demanding is to play for this team especially at Bernabeu Stadium, and also that his a 2000 born player, which had still to be playing in u-19 team.

We have ahead of the second part of the season. The most exciting one for La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey. Both young talents Dembélé and Vinicius are going to play a key role for their teams. Who of them will be more important?