Real Madrid’s crisis. Who to blame?

Real Madrid’s crisis. A nice crisis…..

Last Real Madrid scores haven’t been as good as the fun expected and the media is taking advantage of the situation opening a new debate about who to blame for them.

So is this it a CRISIS ( big one) or just a temporary crisis? We have to pint out that we’re talking about a team who has won the UEFA Champions League title four times in the last five years. It’s the team with most European Champions trophies with 13. The next one is Milan with 7 trophies.

¡God bless the crisis!Real madrid crisis

As usual football and its fan don’t have memory. Neither the media who are criticizing the president management and the key players.

Anyway, let’s work on the assumption that Real Madrid is in crisis and we have to find out why and who are the ones who make this situation possible. But before let’s talk about something external: money or better said business

The main reason for this crisis is not in Madrid

We believe that the main reason for this crisis is not in Madrid, but in Paris or Manchester or we could say even Qatar. Take a look at the pic below



222 million euro is such a big amount of money that Spanish football teams and most of the European football teams can’t reach in their budgets. On the contrary, teams like PSG or Manchester are able to get that money. According to Javier Tebas, La Liga President, the so-called ” Financial Fair Play” is broken.

¿Why does this have such a big effect on Real Madrid?

Porque el Real Madrid solía hacer un fichaje “estrella” todos los años y desde la adquisición de Bale, el Madrid se ha retirado de este mercado y se ha centrado en adquirir jóvenes promesas. No más equipos galácticos, ahora el Real Madrid es el único equipo de Europa que tiene un saldo positivo entre ingresos y gastos.

Real Madrid usually signed a superstar footballer every year but since Bale’s signing, Real Madrid signing strategy switched to get young talented football players all over the world.

Since 2014/2015 season, Real Madrid got a positive 55.6 million euro net balance. On the other hand, the main clubs who took advantage of this ” financial dope” got a negative balance :

  1. Manchester City: -644,83 million euro
  2. Manchester United: -566,09 million euro
  3. PSG: -434,8 million euro

In our opinion, Real Madrid is not into a crisis but it’s a change in the business model due to this market new rules. This new strategy has several setbacks:

  • You don’t get short terms results, especially winning trophies.
  • You compete against other clubs with the seam policy.
  • Young talented players are not patient anymore. If they don’t play, they want to leave straight away to another team.
  • Supporters, and especially Real Madrid ones are even less patient than the players.

Would Real Madrid supporters, players and media be patient enough to understand this new market environment?


Real Madrid? crisis. Key points:


1. Florentino Pérez and the board of Directors

Let leave in the same season the most successful coach Real Madrid had and the superstar player, Ronaldo would deserve a mismanagement award.

2. Lopetegui signing as a new coach

His style of play more combinative was far away from what the fans were used to a more direct and aggressive style of play. Moreover, it hasn’t been effective with poor results and some of the players didn’t seem fit enough.

3. If the model is changed, the players should be changed too

It’s not a matter of rotation. It’s about picking up the players who are fit enough to compete for the games properly. It’s about planning the season properly and manage a very wide roster of football stars who need to help the team during the whole season, not only in big games such as finals.

4. Goalkeeper situation

Navas is the more resilient player in Spanish Football. How many seasons has he been called ” a temporary” goalkeeper since Casillas left the club? Now with Courtois signing there’s an ongoing debate that reflects in both performances: Navas and Courtois don’t seem very confident when playing, especially dealing with his teammates on defense.

We are very sure that they might be other aspects and key points that have a big effect on this situation. We invite you to write your inputs and share them with us.


For nos, it would seem the appointment of Solari for Lopetegui has been positive for the team.


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